November 24, 2020

What a brilliant event and stellar turnout to our final Meet Up of the year! At Meet Up #15 we heard from impressive speakers about their current and future projects.

Opening Access To Space From New Zealand
Peter Beck, CEO, CTO, Founder, Rocket Lab
First up was Peter Beck talking about the evolution of Rocket Lab and where it’s heading now. Since starting in 2007, Rocket Lab has become a globally recognised industry leader in space and a billion-dollar company employing hundreds of world-class engineers and technicians.

How Augmented Reality(AR) Is Used As An Educational Tool
Sakthi Priya Balaji Ranganathan, Design Technologist, Founder, CEO, Jix
Sakthi spoke about the augmented reality portal mobile application that Jix designed that takes the user on an exciting interactive recollection of the (Indian Space Agency) Chandrayaan-2 launch from wherever they are. Sakthi also demonstrated and explained the making of their new Antarctic learning Application and spoke about a case study of the ISRO moon mission app at this Meet Up.

Optimising IoT For Satellites
Matt Scott, Project Manager, Brush Technology
Our event sponsor, Christchurch-based Brush Technology has been specialising in Internet of Things (IoT) product development since 2006, and sending IoT data over satellites since 2014. In this talk, Matt Scott highlighted some of the benefits and challenges of implementing IoT sensor telemetry with satellites.

A Solar System Of Six Million Worlds
Michele Bannister, Rutherford Discovery Fellow, School of Physical & Chemical Sciences | Te Kura Matū, University of Canterbury
The exploration of our Solar System is about to have more mission targets than ever before. Michele discussed the upcoming opportunities from Vera Rubin Observatory in Chile, as this new telescope prepares to map out the whole southern sky every three nights, creating a decade-long colour movie. Its main task will be an astronomical survey, called the Legacy Survey of Space and Time (LSST).

Thank you to the amazing Arwen Sommer for helping us with our videography, photography and for taking on the role of event technician. Get in touch with Arwen if you need help with vids, pics or techie stuff.

A special thank you to our Event Sponsor Brush Technology, venue sponsor Ara Institute of Canterbury and support by ChristchurchNZ.

24 November 2020