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A  selection of aerospace participants working in Christchurch.

Highly experienced electronic product development engineers. Engineering Support. Engineering Management. Design Reviews.

Providing a range of electrical, mechanical and aerospace engineering consulting services to customers around the world. Asteria offer creative solutions that are tailored to each customer’s project and needs, working from conceptualisation right through to production.

Brush Technology is an internet-of-things design company.  Brush Technology provide circuit-board design, software development, and user-interface design services to innovative folks like yourself who need more than a mere caffeine-fueled late-night hack.

Friendly, like-minded, bunch of astronomers with a tendency for spending late nights out under the stars. The society has strong links to education and have an active public open night programme every year.

Providers of innovative and precision engineered components using a combination of single and multi-axis machining centres to produce parts and products. Manufacturer of products that push the boundaries of what is possible.

Their new class of launch vehicles will provide responsive, low cost hypersonic, suborbital and orbital access. They are leveraging the latest in design and manufacturing while working in a world-leading regulatory framework.

Design, analysis, prototyping and production of composite products for specialist markets including aerospace.  Experience with development of experimental aircraft and aviation role equipment coupled with success in high performance sport.

Extensive expertise and success in cryogenic and superconducting technologies.  Working on international aerospace-related projects.

Passionate about testing and seeing how that helps companies increase profitability, market share, and brand awareness. Development testing using expertise to provide advice when things go wrong. providers of end-to-end solutions for clients.

The first CAA Part 102 certificated commercial drone operations company in Canterbury.  Helicam Pro specialise in working with international film companies, construction and highway projects, and aerial mapping.

Award-winning Experiential and Interactive Studio Imagineering ‘Joyful Immersive Experiences’ that delights and empowers Interactive Aotearoa. Working in the augmented Space where Storytelling interacts with Immersive Technologies (VR/AR/MR), Design, History, Art and Empathy.

Developing prototype aerospace projects and taking them through to commercialisation.  Currently working on a high altitude, solar powered UAV.

Motovated has 40+ years of combined Aerospace experience.  Previous clients include Hercules Aerospace, Boeing, Martin Aircraft, AlM Altitude Aerospace, SprintAero and more.

Unlocking the value of location data to create effective business solutions and products. Orbica uses AI, remote sensing and geoprocessing to provide real-time information from geospatial data sets from space.

PACO provides cutting-edge advanced flight test, training, and demonstration pilot services to both military and civilian organizations. PACO also provides tailored aerospace and leadership consulting and training services for its customers.

A range of project management related services for aerospace, high-tech and high-value manufacturing organisations.

Pyka is building the future of electric autonomous airplanes. Developing autonomous aircraft to provide people with an affordable and compelling alternative to ground transit using hyper-short takeoff and landing aircraft.

Specialist mechanical engineering services including design engineering, advanced finite element analysis (FEA) including fatigue studies and simulations, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and high accuracy 3D scanning and measurement.

Structural design and engineering solutions for a wide variety of projects including the LeoLabs Space Radar in Central Otago.

A state of the art manufacturing plant that produces sophisticated, high specification precision tooling for national and international aerospace companies.

Drone Data as a Service for Mapping (corridor) and for Monitoring (Enviro, security). Skybase is an aviation company, but operating unmanned aircraft. World experts at collection and delivery of Airborne Data and Networking, focusing on Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) flight.

Co-creating a global space ecosystem to serve entrepreneurs in developing and emerging countries - starting in New Zealand.  Catalysing access to training, networking, technical services and investment opportunities.

Offering a wide range of products and services to the terrestrial and aerospace industries. Supply of TE branded connectors, electronic assembly services, cable and harness manufacturing, fibre optic termination services and full system solutions.

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