June 1, 2021

Our 18th Meet Up was yet another fantastic evening! We had a very special appearance from Hon Dr Megan Woods celebrating the new Tāwhiki Project with us! We also heard about what life on Mars might one day be like with the amazing projects and research from our line-up of speakers.

Life In Space
Dr Sarah Kessans, Lecturer, University of Canterbury
Life on Earth has evolved to thrive in the relatively cushy habitats found on the surface of our home planet. As humans venture further from home for longer periods of time, keeping them alive using only limited resources becomes a greater challenge. The development of life support systems for sustainable off-Earth habitation will not only facilitate life in space but can enable more sustainable living on Earth as well. Sarah gave an overview of projects going on both globally and at UC.

Habitat Construction For The Moon And Mars
Dr Allan Scott, Associate Professor, University of Canterbury
The long-term establishment of self-sufficient settlements on the Moon and Mars will require the extensive use of in situ resources to construct habitats and infrastructure. Concrete is the most widely used construction material on Earth, and the vast majority of the necessary components for concrete construction are also available in various forms on the surface of the Moon and Mars.

Mission To Mars – Antarctica As An Analogue For Mars
Miranda Satterthwaite, Antarctic Academy Director, International Antarctic Centre
With reference to recent Mars Meteorite and Antarctic Aerospace missions, Miranda Satterthwaite outlined how NASA’s Journey to Mars informs Mars analogue training at the International Antarctic Centre.

New Zealand Space Agency Update
Kate Breach – Technical Specialist – Aerospace, MBIE – New Zealand Space Agency
Set up in 2016, the New Zealand Space Agency is the lead government agency for space policy, regulation and sector development. Kate delivered an update on the New Zealand Space Agency.

A special thank you to our Gold Event Sponsor MBIE – New Zealand Space Agency!

Thank you also to our supporter ChristchurchNZ and to the Ara Institute of Canterbury for hosting the event.