February 25, 2020

We kicked off with a big announcement that the Christchurch Aerospace Centre has been renamed to Aerospace Christchurch.

Introducing The Canterbury Astronomical Society
Rob Glassey, Vice President, Canterbury Astronomical Society

Astronomy is often called a gateway science, and who can resist the amazing images or a view of Saturn’s rings? Rob talked about his love of the night sky, science and community outreach.

Bringing The First Electric Plane To New Zealand
Gary Freedman, Founder, ElectricAir

We’re about to witness change in the aviation industry akin to the electric vehicle revolution on our roads. Gary described the work that ElectricAir is engaged in to bring this new technology to the Christchurch market in 2020. Guilt-free flying coming soon.

AirShare: Creating The Aviation Environment Of The Future
George Ridd, Head of Operations, Airshare

An overview of AirShare’s vision for the unmanned aircraft industry and the development of a UAV Traffic Management system to support that vision.

Snow Thickness Measurements In Antarctica Using UAV-Mounted Radar
Josh McCulloch, Computer Science, University of Canterbury

An overview of a research mission to test an experimental snow radar in Antarctica. This mission was part of a larger effort to better understand the behaviour of sea ice and to prove that airborne radar could be a viable approach to measuring the thickness of snow on top.

Christchurch Rocketeers: Model and High-Power Amateur Rocketry
Simon Willoughby-Martin, Founder, Christchurch Rocketeers

An introduction from Christchurch’s official branch of the New Zealand Rocketry Association, an amateur rocketry group launching rockets here in Christchurch. A look at what they do and how you can take part in the action both locally and nationally.

Congratulations to Lucinda for winning a free flight with ElectricAir.

A huge thank you to EY for sponsoring the food and beverages. Thank you also to ChristchurchNZ for working with us to organise this event and to the University of Canterbury who kindly hosted the event at the Jack Mann Auditorium.