June 7, 2019

For this meet up the Christchurch Aerospace Centre worked in partnership with The Antarctic Office, ChristchurchNZ and University of Canterbury, to welcome the SOFIA team back to Christchurch for their annual research operations.

This was the Christchurch Aerospace Centre’s biggest meet up so far, with approximately 200 attendees, and it gave the SOFIA team a glimpse of the aerospace capability and talent in our city. Similarly, it provided the audience with an opportunity to find out more about the important work that SOFIA is involved with.

A diverse range of topics were covered:

The vision for aerospace in Christchurch Joanna Norris CEO, ChristchurchNZ

Local aerospace development Mark Rocket Chair, Christchurch Aerospace Centre

Aerospace research and development Professor Ian Wright Deputy Vice-Chancellor, University of Canterbury

The importance of the space economy to New Zealand Dimitri Geidelberg Space Policy & Regulatory Systems, New Zealand Space Agency

Introduction to SOFIA Edward Harmon NASA Mission Manager, SOFIA

Discoveries over the last 5-7 years in our night skies Dr Edward Chambers Instrument Scientist, Universities Space Research Association (USRA)

It was particularly exciting to hear of SOFIA’s exciting discoveries and their plans for the coming season.

A huge thank you to SOFIA, the University of Canterbury, the Antarctic Office, ChristchurchNZ and Chateau on the Park, Christchurch.