September 9, 2019

Over 200 attendees and an outstanding line-up of speakers from Auckland, Wellington, Invercargill and, even, Riccarton.

Cubesat Thrusters and Spaceplanes
Stefan Powell, CTO & Cofounder of Dawn Aerospace

How systems with “safe failure” modes will facilitate technology development at a rate unseen since the Apollo era.

Propellantless Satellite Propulsion
Max Arshavsky, CEO & CTO, Zenno Astronautics

Feasibility and impact potential of the paradigm shifting electric propulsion technology for satellites.

UC Aerospace into Space and Beyond
Matthew Furkert, President of University of Canterbury Aerospace

UC Aerospace is student run club at the University of Canterbury which develops and launches high performance aerospace vehicles. An overview of recent and upcoming projects and how the Christchurch aerospace community can get involved.

From An Amberley Paddock to Orbit
Avinash Rao and Malcolm Snowdon

Alumni of the University of Canterbury talk about their massive contribution to the New Zealand space industry.

Making Space in Southland
Robin McNeill, Engineering & Ground Segment Manager at Awarua Satellite Ground Station

Southland’s multi-million dollar space activities are critical for launching and operating satellites. Mr McNeill explained why the Awarua Satellite Ground Station is so important to the international space community, what is involved in tracking rockets and satellites, and how his work benefits the New Zealand space community.

A thank you to Deloitte and the International Antarctic Centre for co-sponsoring the food and beverages. Thank you also to ChristchurchNZ for working with us to organise this event and for Vodafone Xone for providing the excellent venue.