October 31, 2018

This month’s meeting had a focus on “commercial potential”. We kicked off with Richard Sandford discussing ChristchurchNZ’s emphasis on exploration and a new digital storytelling toolkit available to use. Mike Killick from New Zealand Trade & Enterprise talked about supporting coalition partnerships. Hanno Sander offered people the opportunity to work on a group vectored thrust rocketry project. Mark Rocket presented the Christchurch Aerospace Centre’s new logo, encouraged people to promote the new website and spread the vision of Spaceport Christchurch.

  • Roland Sommer from TE Connectivity presented on Christchurch’s high-tech ecosystem potential to collaborate on a cubesat programme.
  • Greg Morehouse from Motovated Design & Analysis shared fascinating insights from working on diverse projects such as the Pegasus air-launch rocket and Titan 6 rocket.
  • Glenn Martin regaled the audience with his anecdotes about the Martin Jetpack journey.
  • Rafael Kargren talked through the Christchurch space strategy pathway.

Thank you to TE Connectivity for sponsoring the food and beverages for this event.