British Interplanetary Society: Rolls Royce Nuclear Space Power

December 4, 2021

The West Midlands Branch presents:

Rolls Royce Nuclear Space Power, by Mike Crawforth

In this talk we will explore a broad overview of space nuclear power and propulsion systems, before diving into the current activities of Rolls-Royce, who are developing a nuclear fission reactor for space. We will cover the challenges of combining two of the world’s most complex domains, nuclear and space, and how Rolls-Royce plan to overcome these. Rolls-Royce are developing true multi-domain nuclear technology that can expand the possibilities of human activity in space whilst providing benefit here on terra firma as we drive to create a net zero sustainable world.

Speaker – Mike Crawforth

Mike Crawforth has worked for Rolls-Royce for the last nine years supporting the UK submarine programme in a variety of roles developing new components and systems. The UK’s nuclear submarines are powered by advanced reactors that can provide air independent power for decades without the need for refuelling. The challenges imposed in the subsea defence domain are similar to those imposed by the harsh environment of space (and access to it!) where Mike is now applying his skills to help Rolls-Royce develop a number of power and propulsion offerings for the space domain.

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