Manaaki Whenua - Remote Sensing Webinar Series

May 3, 2022 May 4, 2022

A mini-series of four webinars over two days to showcase some of the recent developments in remote sensing technologies and how these are applied to answer questions for policy-makers, councils and landowners.

Remote sensing 101
Tuesday 3 May, 10:30am
Presented by David Pairman

Mapping winter forage crops from time series satellite imagery: supporting decision makers and policy planners
Tuesday 3 May, 2pm
Presented by Stella Belliss

Reaching into the past: deep learning and historic aerial imagery
Wednesday 4 May, 10:30am
Presented by Brent Martin

Geospatial landslide modelling for targeted erosion control
Wednesday 4 May, 2pm
Presented by Raphael Spiekermann and Hugh Smith

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