SpaceBase Webinar: Beca Space & Information Domain - Webinar 3

March 23, 2022

Beca, supported by SpaceBase, continues our Webinar series designed to bring together the NZ Space & Information community with a focus to provide:

"A forum with global reach for the community of NZ Space and Information Domain stakeholders to share information, connect with one another, and support the advancement of NZ and Trans-Tasman space initiatives."

Our theme for Webinar three is focusing in on the application and use of Space Based data and information analysis. To enable this theme, we have presentations from Kurt Janssen, CEO and founder of Orbica and Prof Ian Yule from PlantTech Research.

Subsequent speakers over the coming months will be from a diverse range of backgrounds providing insight into how space is being applied to support initiatives here on earth, as well as for space exploration; opportunities for collaboration and advancement of Space capabilities.

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