November 30, 2021

At our last Meet Up of the year we had another inspiring group of speakers talking about fascinating projects!

Opportunities For Non-STEM Professionals In The Space Industry
Nicholas Borroz, Founder, Rotoiti Consulting Ltd
Nicholas supports clients in the space industry with market research, strategic advisory, and business development services. His clients are mostly New Zealand-based, mostly in launch services, and mostly in the private sector. Nicholas argued that non-STEM skillsets are important for space firms and that there are significant opportunities for non-STEM professionals to work in the space industry.

Superconductivity & Electric Propulsion – Enhancing Space Flight & Mission Possibilities
Dr Nicole van der Laak (Wellington UniVentures) and Dr Jamal Olatunji (Robinson Research Institute)
Recent advances in high-temperature superconductivity (HTS) and miniaturised cryocoolers means that we can now build light weight electrically powered thrusters, that will enhance small satellite missions and open future space flight opportunities. Backed by the NZ Government to build a plasma thruster amplified by their HTS technology, with space heritage planned for 2025. Nicole and Jamal spoke about their project and their aspirations to take this technology from the lab and transform it into a commercial reality.

A Review Of The Air Navigation System
Brigid Borlase, Kaitohutohu Mātāmua, Principal Advisor – Economic Regulation, Te Manatū Waka Ministry of Transport
The Ministers of Transport and State-Owned Enterprises have agreed to a broad, first principles review of New Zealand’s air navigation system, in essence examining what New Zealand wants from its air navigation system and how it should be delivered. The focus is on three key settings in the system structure: policy and regulation, institutional structures, and funding arrangements. While the review centres on the air navigation system, implications for the system users and those sectors that benefit from and/or depend on aviation will be a key part of the work. Brigid provided an update on the process of scoping the review and the next steps for this project.

The Aerospace Challenge
Michael Healy, Smart Cities Programme Manager, Christchurch City Council 
The Aerospace Challenge is a collaborative initiative delivered by partners committed to building, strengthening and future-proofing the vibrant and globally successful Aerospace industry in Christchurch. Christchurch City Council in partnership with ChristchurchNZ, Kiwinet and University of Canterbury are seeking innovative real-time solutions to improve aerial imagery collection.  Aerial imagery provides real-world context for councils and government agencies.