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Christchurch Privacy Policy Aerospace New Zealand Incorporated (operating as Aerospace Christchurch) (“us”, “we” or “our”), takes its obligations in relation to privacy seriously.  In this Privacy Policy (Policy), “you” and “your” means the individual providing Personal Information to us.

This Policy provides information in relation to the basis upon which we collect, hold, use and disclose your Personal Information.  Personal Information has the same meaning as in the Privacy Act 1993 and from 1 December 2020 the Privacy Act 2020 (Act).  In essence, it is information relating to an individual which can be used to identify that individual or which is linked to an identified individual.

This Policy applies to your use of our website, your relationship with us, and our services (such as the meetings and events we run).  By accessing the website, becoming a member or an associate, or using our services, you agree to the terms of this Policy.

1.  Collection of Personal Information

1.1    The Personal Information we collect and hold includes (but is not limited to): your name, email and phone number, payment information, and the organisation you work for. We may also collect any Personal Information contained in the content of your communications with us. 

1.2    We collect your Personal Information when you provide it to us, when you contact us, and when you make a booking.  We also collect your Personal Information if you apply to become a member or an associate of Aerospace Christchurch.  We may also collect your Personal Information through your use of our services, through the use of our website, and when you attend our meetings and events.  

1.3    If you attend our meetings and events, we may collect a picture of you when we take photographs or make a video recording of the meeting or event.  If you do not want your picture taken or to be in a video recording of the meeting or event please ensure that you avoid the cameras being used for this purpose.

1.4    Your Personal Information may also be collected from third parties you authorise us to contact, or by agents or third parties who are authorised by you to provide such information, or as otherwise permitted by the Act.

1.5    We also collect your Personal Information through our third party booking and payment service providers, who assist us to provide you with our services. For more information on these providers, please see the ‘Management of Personal Information’ section below. 

1.6    Our website may also state other ways in which we collect information from you. 

1.7    If you access our website from outside of New Zealand, you agree that any Personal Information you provide us is subject to this Policy and the Act.  

1.8    If you do not provide the Personal Information that we or our website asks you to provide, or the information is incorrect, we may not be able to register you as a member or an associate, confirm your booking for a meeting or event, provide the requested services, respond to an enquiry, or contact you in the event of a schedule change or cancellation to a meeting or event. 

1.9    No personal information is shared or sold to any third party company to enable it to market its services to you.  

1.10  We do not use cookies on our website.

2. Updates to this Policy

2.1    We will review this Policy from time to time to make sure it takes into account new laws and technology, and any changes to how we operate.

2.2    Should we decide to change our Policy we will post all changes on our website so that you are always kept up to date.

2.3   Use and disclosure of Personal Information collected from you is subject to the Policy in effect at the time such Personal Information is collected, unless otherwise agreed.

3. Webinars and Social Media

3.1    From time to time we provide webinars on topics of interest to the aerospace community.  We use third party services, such as Zoom, to provide our webinars.  Some third party webinar providers may also require you to register with them to participate in our webinars, even though you have already registered with us to attend.

3.2    We currently use social media services from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  We may use other social media services in the future.  The platforms that these third party social media providers use often allow you to send messages to other users, such as us.

3.3    Your use of these third party services is entirely optional.  We may make use of, for the purposes of our operations, any information that you make available to us through your use of such third party services (including messages sent to us using the third party’s platform and information which is visible to us during a webinar), or which you make public when you use any such third party services.  We may also use in accordance with this Policy any information that you authorise those third parties to provide to us.

3.4    All third party services are governed by the privacy policies and/or practices of the relevant third party, for which we are not responsible.  If you do not want to provide Personal Information to any of those third parties, or make information publicly available, you should not use their particular service.

4. Purposes for which we collect and use your Personal Information

4.1    We may collect and use your Personal Information for the following purposes:

                  4.1.1 to conduct our operations, which may include reviewing, analysing and improving our own processes;

                 4.1.2 to provide you with the services you have requested, for example running our meetings, webinars and other industry events, and including managing your bookings;

                 4.1.3 to display pictures or videos concerning our meetings and events on our website, in which case a picture or recording of you would only be included if you are photographed or videoed at our meeting or event;

                  4.1.4 to optimise your experience in using our services;

                  4.1.5 to send you surveys to seek feedback in relation to our services;

                  4.1.6 to send you our newsletters, and to keep you updated with our services and to provide our marketing material to you, including letting you know about upcoming meetings and events (where you have signed up to receive these marketing communications);

                  4.1.7 to communicate with you, which includes responding to any message or enquiry you send us and identifying you when you want to communicate with us;

                     4.1.8 to investigate any incident at our meetings or events;

               4.1.9 to take any action in any case of dispute, or legal proceeding of any kind between you and us, or between you and any other person with respect to our operations;

                  4.1.10 to comply with our legal obligations; and

                  4.1.11 any other purpose made known to you when collecting the Personal Information.

4.2    Other sections of this Policy also set out other specific situations in which your information is collected and used.

4.3    We may also use your Personal Information in any circumstances authorised by the Act, or in any other manner with your consent.

5. Marketing Communications and surveys

5.1    We may disclose your Personal Information to third party providers we use to assist us to send you marketing communications and surveys.  We provide those third parties with your name and email.  Such third parties may be offshore and may not be subject to privacy laws as comprehensive as in New Zealand.

5.2    Where marketing communications and surveys we initiate are sent by electronic means the relevant third party (where applicable) will collect information about your interaction with the communication and your responses to the survey. The information collected includes whether you opened the email, the links you clicked on, the webpages viewed and the dates and times of such access and activity. Information about the device used to access the marketing communication may also be collected.  The third party provides or makes available this information to us for the various purposes outlined in this Policy. They also hold this information on our behalf

.5.3    While these third parties are primarily collecting this information on our behalf, some of these third parties also use the information that we provide them and which is collected from your interaction with marketing communications and surveys for their legitimate business interests, such as to provide, support and improve the services they provide and to undertake data analytics projects.  However, we do not permit them to use your Personal Information provided by us to market their or any other person’s services to you.

5.4    We currently use MailChimp for the purpose of sending our marketing communications and may from time to time use MailChimp or SurveyMonkey to assist us in sending surveys.  MailChimp and SurveyMonkey are located in the United States.  To understand the ways in which MailChimp and SurveyMonkey collect, hold, use and disclose personal information, please read their privacy policies:

              5.4.1 MailChimp privacy policy is available here; and

              5.4.2 SurveyMonkey privacy policy is available here.

5.5    If you do not agree with how MailChimp will handle your Personal Information then you will need to unsubscribe from receiving marketing communications from us.  If you do not agree with how either third party will handle your personal information for surveys then you will need to contact us using the details below to confirm you wish to be removed from our survey list.

5.6     If you no longer wish to receive marketing communications or surveys from us, you will also need to unsubscribe.  You may unsubscribe from receiving marketing communications and surveys from us in accordance with the unsubscribe facility in any email sending you marketing communications or by contacting us at the email address set out below.

5.7     We will not be able to send marketing communications to you if you unsubscribe or do not agree to our use of third parties to assist us with our marketing communications and surveys

6. Other Disclosures of Personal Information

6.1    Where you attend one of our meetings or events, we usually make available at the door name tags of all persons attending the meeting or event.  Name tags display your name and may also display the name of your organisation.  These name tags are visible to all attendees of the meeting or event.

6.2    If a distinguished guest (such as the Major or a Member of Parliament) is attending the meeting or event we may provide a list of attendees to the office of the distinguished guest so that they are aware of other guests that they consider it appropriate to acknowledge when giving any talk at the meeting or event.  We do not permit them to use that list of attendees for any other purpose.

6.3    Except as stated in this Policy, we do not otherwise share your Personal Information without your consent, except where permitted by the Act, unless we believe it is necessary:

                6.3.1 to enforce our terms and conditions, or where we are legally required to do so;

                6.3.2 for us or other authorised agencies to detect, investigate, prevent or address fraud, security or technical issues;

                6.3.3 to otherwise protect our property, legal rights, or that of others; or

                6.3.4 for the purposes of carrying out the matters noted in the section below on the Management of Personal Information.

6.4    We may use and disclose your Personal Information for any of these purposes, in any circumstances authorised by the Act, or in any other manner with your consent.  

7. Management of Personal Information

7.1    We use a third-party service provider to facilitate your payment and manage your booking. In general, this third-party provider collects, holds, uses and discloses your information to the extent necessary to allow them to perform the services they provide to us, however they may also use the information they collect for their own purposes, including to market their services. 

7.2    Such third parties may use cookies to collect information relating to your interaction with the booking widget and the device used to access the booking widget, and to enable their widget to work properly.

7.3    A cookie is a small data file stored on a device with a web browser (eg computer or ipad).  It can contain information about your device, your IP address, your session, and the online activity on this website of anyone using your device.  Most browsers allow you to disable or reject the use of cookies.  However, if you do so the functionality of the booking widget may not operate correctly.

7.4    We currently use Eventbrite to manage the booking process for our meetings and events. Please read their privacy policy here to understand the ways in which they collect, hold, use and disclose such Personal Information.

7.5    Information collected and held on our behalf is made available by Eventbrite for us to access.  Such information includes your name, email address, phone number, city/town of residence, and the organisation you work for.  We receive confirmation of your payment, however Eventbrite does not disclose your credit card details to us. 

7.6    If you do not agree with how the above third-party will handle your Personal Information then you should not book using the online booking or payment process. 

7.7    We may transfer Personal Information to other third parties to perform services on our behalf, to process the information for us or hold it on our behalf.  These third parties may be offshore, but we will not authorise them to use such information for their own purposes.

7.8    We disclose the aggregate number of event registrations from each city/town to Christchurch NZ as a part of our funding arrangements with them.  However, we do not disclose any Personal Information to Christchurch NZ.

7.9    Except as otherwise stated in this Policy, your Personal Information we collect is held by us. Our address is set out below.  

8. Your Rights8. Your Rights

8.1    You have the right of access to, and to request correction of, your Personal Information. To access or request a correction to any of your Personal Information, please use the contact details set out below.

8.2    We endeavour to ensure that the Personal Information we hold is accurate, complete and up-to-date.  If any of the Personal Information that you have provided to us changes we encourage you to contact us to update that Personal Information. 

8.3   If a dispute arises between us and we cannot resolve it with you, then you may wish to contact the Office of the Privacy Commissioner on 

9. Contact Details

9.1    Our address is:
Aerospace Christchurch Salt WorksOffice 3,4 Ash Street,Christchurch 8011New Zealand9.2 You may contact us by phone on: [(+64) 022 101 3423]9.3 You may contact us by email at:

10. Governing Law

10.1    This Policy is governed by the laws of New Zealand.