What does Antarctica have to do with space? Mission to Space – Technology4Antarctica!

by | Dec 14, 2020

Monday to Friday 6th July to 17th July, 9am to 3.30pm

Christchurch’s very own International Antarctic Centre is hosting an incredible school holiday program for children “Mission to Space – Technology4Antarctica”!

This program will see the children training for extreme environments like space using a different technology each day from astronaut training to rocketry, Hägglund driving to robotics, aircraft engineering and Antarctic base building.

If you’re wondering, what does Antarctica have to do with space? Both are cold, barren worlds, difficult to reach and full of tantalising scientific mysteries. Lessons from the first world, Antarctica, may be vital for those who want to be the first humans on the second, Mars, according to Stan Love, a former NASA astronaut.

Learn how the international Antarctic missions and space missions are supported by engineering technology that not only provides energy but enables effect data collection to protect Antarctica. See how New Zealand leads in the design of extreme innovative cold weather clothing technology for extreme environments.

Board an Antarctic vessel and experience the 4D theatre with 3D imagery and 4D special effects. Experience a virtual flight to Antarctica and learn about the range of aircraft used to take scientists to Antarctica, including the C130 Hercules. Look at how ozone technology supports our blue penguins to survive in our penguin encounter, providing a sustainable penguin welfare centre.

Design and build a robot or a rocket, or a plane and discover the fascinating wearable technology behind Antarctic clothes.

Activities in store for the day include:

  • Space Food Stardome
  • Stardome Space Food
  • Straw Rockets
  • Mars preparation
  • Storm Hagglund
  • Hagglund 4D
  • Space Suit
  • Aircraft design and build
  • Mars Habitat Design and build
  • Visit Huskies

Don’t delay and secure your tickets now!

For inquiries about the October Mission to Space programmes, please contact education@iceberg.co.nz

Reference: Want to learn how to survive on Mars? Look to Antarctica, https://www.space.com/mars-human-exploration-lessons-from-antarctica.html