Aerospace Christchurch

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Aerospace Christchurch is an industry body that promotes the interests of our city, our region and our nation.

We encompass broad aspects of aerospace: aviation, space flight, rocketry, manufacturing, engineering, geospatial mapping, data analytics, education, training and services. Aerospace Christchurch works with individuals and organisations that want to grow the economic wealth and aerospace capability in New Zealand.

Did you know we have a Christchurch Aerospace Sector Plan? Christchurch aspires to be at the centre of an energetic national aerospace sector by 2025.

Aerospace Christchurch

Making Space For Business

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From the team at Aerospace Christchurch


Build an inclusive and sustainable aerospace industry that aligns with Aotearoa New Zealand’s values.


Encourage and facilitate aerospace industry participants in Canterbury to work together.


Support and develop incentives for startups and existing aerospace businesses in Canterbury.

Oasis Orbital Systems leverage bleeding edge space technologies to deliver an immersive orbital experience

Great South operates the Awarua Satellite Ground Station, which provides access to LEO, MEO and GEO missions at the very south of New Zealand

Aerospace Christchurch holds regular Meet Ups for the local aerospace community to connect and hear exciting updates and projects in the industry

ElectricAir has built the Pipistrel Alpha Electro, the first and only electric plane in New Zealand

University of Canterbury's Women In Engineering club held a workshop for high school students in 2020 with interactive sessions and presentations

Kea Aerospace is developing the Kea Atmos, a solar-powered, remotely-piloted aircraft that will fly continuously for months at a time

Skybase is making unmanned aviation, taking the pilot out of the plane with new technologies

In the same way New Zealand is a gateway to the Antarctic, Christchurch will be a gateway to space. By 2030, Christchurch will be the home to hundreds of aerospace companies providing thousands of aerospace jobs.”

Mark Rocket, CEO, Kea Aerospace